spoken vs written.

assalamualaikum. we meet again, Sunday. was having quite a thoughtful morning earlier. of my spoken words, vs my written words. at times i barely able to write a single sentence. the so-called writers block. at times, that's all in my head, writing. so time after time, i could tell that the writing gets better. and... Continue Reading →



assalamualaikum. so today is Sunday. yesterday i was contemplating much whether or not to go to the office after sending my sister and brother-in-law to the airport. that thought alone gave me much headache to be honest; because everything come flowing non-stop into my mind. kpi. jki. the Penang trip. the hotel rooms to be... Continue Reading →

after a longgg weekend.

before i turned in to write, i usually go and check if there's any post in particular that came up on the search engine. it's funny to see what you have written back then, seriously. sometimes i write about random stuff. sometimes i write about stupid stuff. LOL. the reckless, immature, ungrateful, emotional me; unspoken.... Continue Reading →

the Girl.

i probably won't know for sure if you ever found out about this site. that i am actually talking about u, yes u. but if you already know and you are constantly checking up on me and searching on what my thoughts are on and about all these while; you're welcome to deep dive and... Continue Reading →

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