Before i write any further, allow me to just jot this down. This is typed from my phone (the birthday-phone muahaha), 18 minutes past 5pm (hurrayyy working days come to an end!) and while waiting for mr.husband, i decided to drop by for a while.

Because 280 character alone is insufficient for a somewhat long rant. 💁🏻‍♀️

And just in case you wonder who or what is Simona all about, it’s the character mentioned by James Blunt in his 1973 song; which mr.husband and i were quite fond of for the past 2 weeks. The song is playing on repeat in his playlist so the name got stuck in my head as well.

I’m not really sure how much im gonna rant at the moment. I actually have a subject in mind that i wanted to explicitly talk about since yesterday, but writer’s block came and hence the delay. Like im just staring at a blank white page with nothing to type but the words in my head urrghhh there’s so many things i’d like to talk about.

Maybe some time later tonight. This is a just a preview. Perhaps.

To be continued. Happy weekends uolls!🍿


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