the night before working days.

so this is what happened when you spent 2 days at home doing nothing but munching, moving a bit here and there getting yourself sweat up a bit, and sleeping of course. i can’t believe how successful i was in getting my tummy satisfied these days.

just now, i lay down in bed playing some games and apparently i lose my life and i feel some kind of emptiness right away. weird.

then i thought. what a waste of time. i have planned for so many things to do over the weekend and i only came to this. losing a game’s life and nothing much done so far. (well, weekend should be rest day, anyway. right? muahahahaha)

anyway, done my tax calculation. have to key in everything and prepare the necessary documents to be validated right away in the afternoon to avoid myself another series of tax inquiry later. very bothersome! hopefully what’s counted are correct, insyaAllah.

i have to carefully watch my calorie and sugar intake this week. i think. next week i’m having my monthly checkup and i could be doing the dreaded glucose test so i wanna make sure my body can respond well to that (to avoid any dietary restrictions and injections and more tests!) *fingers crossed! lets put that as my daily reminder.

on work. all i can say i’m on my way to finish things as best as i can. except for one thing. which i still delayed (forgive me) due to my time constraints, (i’ve been doing so many things non-stop like urghhh!) lets pray hard that i could do it this week by hook or by crook!

wanted to check on my maternity leave, my status of medical bills and so on so forth.

oh, like always. i have soooo many things in my mind. *sobsob

want to prepare for the little one, prepare the room, prepare the house for Raya (way beyond, right? haha) so many things!

i guess i’m just one tick-tock brain. always on the go except when i sleep.

gah. i should go and take my rest then. goodnite!


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