a little alone.

hi. assalamualaikum. i’m here again. alone today in the office. so allow me to have a bit of a “me-time” writing and bursting out before i concentrate further on my heaps of work. duh.

so was on the way to the office this morning, stomach growling inside (don’t know what adek is doing, moving here and there perhaps), and my thoughts were running wild. like..i was thinking, what was this for..what if like this. what is the use of so and so. bla3. how on earth that i get my brain so occupied so early in the morning??

i wanna get the receipts all taken note and key in today.

about the invoice, still hopelessly searching for it; for i still can’t find it anywhere though i have relentlessly searched my place countless time.

hoping for my claim to be deposited in this week. i have so so intense desire of baking this week (freaking don’t know why) so i  really wanna get some shopping done as soon as tomorrow afternoon (and not waiting for after work coz i hate gushing in the mall with crowded human huhu).

high time to focus on my real job description and perhaps to settle on my long-pending financial report. oh, plus my tax. i haven’t even start it yet! (why so busy??)

of all the things running inside my head this morning, i can’t seem to remember well now what has been on my mind like seriously. jauh nya fikiran melayang. lepas fikir satu benda terus fikir satu benda dan satu benda.

oh teringat sesuatu. nak buat planning majlis akikah dan estimate expenses. yes!


just came back from a fire drill. fuh berpeluh basah hanat.

nak pi makan dulu.



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