before i move on with my writing-of-the-day, i just want to spit this out; you see, it’s ok for me to come across my boss or bosses to hold their phones and u know, have business on the phone, that’s alright and normal. at least. what’s not is to come across your boss holding the facial oil absorbent paper to wipe off the (of course lah) oily face. seriously, i almost rolled my eyes. ha-ha! i just, need to prepared of the same sight after this.

coming back to my Mon-Yay!

you see, to be such an organized person can be quiet exhausting sometimes. especially when you feel the intense urge to do everything smoothly and timely and perfectly. you have your to-do-list on every single thing every single day (sometimes the same things just popped up again and again urghhh i hate that coz it means it’s unfinished business) and procrastination realllly does not really help in such situation when you want everything to fall right into its pieces.

one lucky day is to have everything went well. not perfect i must say; but everything got checked today. alhamdulillah, and i am beyond grateful for that little achievement of mine. little. because, only i and i myself knew about it, and the hardships to get most of the things done (coz apparently i was always on “lone ranger” mode in working lately). do this, alone. get that, alone. fair enough. all well is well. happy me. happy Mon-Yay!

i hope to see more and more little achievement like this in future. i dont want to be stressed out so much. i dont to overthink too much. i dont want to stretch myself far beyond my reach and i dont want to complaint about life very now and then. life is only lived once. and everything only happened in our life once. for all i want, i would hope that i live my life the best every single moment and i want to cherish every single breathe i take from this point onward.

life is easy. we, humans, are the one complicating the life up to a point we break, torn, crushed and fall. we can avoid that.

i want to keep this positive vibe with me for as long as i live.

happy Monday peeps!


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