a little of today. and this week.

substance over rhetoric.

this week is all about the upcoming #GE14. not trying to be political here, fret not. just mentioning the in and out, and about what’s happening around. I’ve yet to check my polling station (and don’t throw your sticks at me yet, i’m a registered voter, alhamdulillah), and the thing that has been around is that polling is done on Wednesday. yup that’s right. on weekdays.

been scrolling my Twitter and so far that has been the news, still. and i came across that phrase. that quote. substance over rhetoric. man, politically speaking but with such an immense-full of words.

dan aku yang rasa bertahun lamanya menjadi pengabdi agung bahasa serasa jakun mendengar frasa itu. penuh makna, bagi aku. nice choice of word.

anyway, back to life.

my monthly medical check-up was on last Monday. alhamdulillah, my little one is healthy and actively kicking and posing as we’re trying to take a photo. only thing is that i’m a bit anemic, so the doctor has to change my meds and give me extra booster to increase my HB. and tbh, these few days after i was constantly thinking of ways to be in a healthy conditions, for the sake of the little one. i’m like, this is the most precious gift to me this year, after all these while. (Ya Auloh berlinang airmata pulak. sensitip betoi lah lately haha) so yes, i’m trying my best to be in my best conditions, insyaAllah. to my little one, stay strong and grow healthily, yeah? xoxo!

and i was supposed to be on leave for two consecutive days this week. unfortunately, the leave was not really a leave (especially when you still have workloads after workloads to be taken care of!) and taking the day off while the boss and you colleague is not around, may not really sound like a good idea actually. because you have to cover for everyone. sigh. how do that slip my mind earlier and thinking that i can have my sweet leave is really totally absurd and obnoxious tbh. there i am at home, watching TV but my mind was well guess what, at the office! i’m like, i have to finish this, i have to prepare that, i have to do this, i have to get that done blablabla~ sometimes i feel so workaholic. kesian my little one. dah try to slow down pun but at times i can’t just sit around and wait for the work to be done by itself, or by someone else. because apparently no one’s gonna finish it for me, like seriously. and to make things worst sometimes, i have to finish everything because “only i can?” bahahahahaha rasa super saiya sangat.

anyway, my point; work should be something interesting. you should be waking up and having the niat to go to work to enjoy doing your work. not just merely “ahh i have to finish this, yaiks i have to send this in! oh God my dateline is this and that!” like hello, chill. kerja kuat-kuat hujung bulan tetap dapat gaji yang sama gitu~ melainkan kau punya basis pay-out per day increase according to your daily performance. very unlikely.

ok, i have to go out for lunch now.


until then.






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