spoken vs written.

assalamualaikum. we meet again, Sunday.

was having quite a thoughtful morning earlier.

of my spoken words, vs my written words.

at times i barely able to write a single sentence. the so-called writers block. at times, that’s all in my head, writing.

so time after time, i could tell that the writing gets better. and better. and i was asked the same thing over and over again. speech. script. speech. script. “get her to do it.” “ask her to prepare the speech.”

at some point, i just. wanna stop doing it. i wanna write because i wanted to. pushing me to do it will definitely give a different outcome. hence the feeling now.

some people are good at talking. their spoken words are mesmerizing. me? i think i have better hands at written words. hence the pinpointing of all the writing towards me. it’s a blessing sometimes. at some other times, i wish no one knew about that.

i realized that i have that flair of writing during my Uni years. i would always be compared to other classmate up to a point where everyone gets disappointed for getting compared each and every time. sometimes i feel silly though. haha. buat jak lah biasa-biasa kan. dah buat baik-baik org pulak compare-compare. like huh.

for me, it is what i was trained to do. and secondly, the words written as simply from the heart. i put myself from the speaker’s point of view every time i was asked to prepare the so-called speech or whatever forms of writing required. i like writing, i admit. i like words. im expressive with written words. that’s just, who i am.

enough ranting. im getting sleepy.


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