the night before working days.

so this is what happened when you spent 2 days at home doing nothing but munching, moving a bit here and there getting yourself sweat up a bit, and sleeping of course. i can't believe how successful i was in getting my tummy satisfied these days. just now, i lay down in bed playing some... Continue Reading →


a little alone.

hi. assalamualaikum. i'm here again. alone today in the office. so allow me to have a bit of a "me-time" writing and bursting out before i concentrate further on my heaps of work. duh. so was on the way to the office this morning, stomach growling inside (don't know what adek is doing, moving here... Continue Reading →

finding the document.

i mean, what's the point of having the most organized table among all if i couldn't even find the most important invoice to proceed for payment of all?? urghhh! been looking for it since yesterday. and today. i even recheck for the fourth and perhaps the fifth time just to make sure i didn't miss... Continue Reading →


before i move on with my writing-of-the-day, i just want to spit this out; you see, it's ok for me to come across my boss or bosses to hold their phones and u know, have business on the phone, that's alright and normal. at least. what's not is to come across your boss holding the... Continue Reading →

a little of today. and this week.

substance over rhetoric. this week is all about the upcoming #GE14. not trying to be political here, fret not. just mentioning the in and out, and about what's happening around. I've yet to check my polling station (and don't throw your sticks at me yet, i'm a registered voter, alhamdulillah), and the thing that has... Continue Reading →

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