visiting alma mater.

can’t recall the last time i flew, tbh. half of the year seems to fast forward so fast it feels so short but a lot has happened and i am afraid i can’t keep up with the pace sometimes.

time to fly again tomorrow. and guess what; will be visiting the island of my alma mater. oh yes. you know that feeling; that somehow it feels you’re coming back to a place that you once called home? am feeling it now. it feels like im going back to a place so dear to me. though i spent only a year or so there, but it holds such a beautiful memories in my mind. and my heart.

i wish i could bring my parents back there again. just to see how the place grow in time and reminisce our memories.

oh. the good old memories.

but haven’t been in a good shape as of lately. still flu-ish a bit and i hope this state of body doesn’t get any severe for the next few days. or weeks.

in a very mixed feelings right now. excited about tomorrow. anxious and nervous at the same time. worried about the amount of task pending over here. the trip. the debts to be paid in due time. paperworks bla bla bla.

sometimes, i got tired just by thinking the amount of these world-ly tasks that i need to accomplish; living day by day.

lets take this surprise-trip as a little short getaway from all that. take your sweet time, dear self.

lets get back here in 2 days feeling fresh from the island!