Tuesday Tittle-Tattle.

was super super mega tired coming back from work yesterday. can’t seem to stop wonder why all the tiredness all of a sudden anyway.

all i know is that i was knock-off by 9 and waking up this morning only makes my body feels even heavier. and now feeling flu-ish and just praying that i wont catch fever any soon.

i was so energetic and feeling so fresh going to work yesterday, like seriously. part of it was because i managed to finish the translation of 80 pages script despite draining my laptop’s battery and working in less than 7 hours on it. and i managed to prepare all uniform for a week, life feels so easy then for nothing else to worry about on what to wear trust me that is a big deal. did all the necessary laundry early in the morning and we got to have delicious breakfast. marvelous! so i was happy.

until 5pm yesterday. i guess. i have to work on so many things, it feels ridiculous at times. running here and there, upstairs a few times; well perhaps that’s where all the tiredness come from. maybe.

my eyes are half-opened now. i guess so. they feel that way though. a little bit of coffee might give me some kick after this. right, caffeine-deficiency. well, it could be.

gotta go. my brain can’t stop telling there is so much work to be done.

until then.


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