when you got all the time in the world.

well. here i am.

fighting to stay strong is not easy. but yes, here i am.

and now i got all the time in the world.

baruk jak pikir mk rilek lok then you got this “polah tok polah ya sikkan sik polah pa2 sikkan tangan kosong” bla3

like seriously. i just went through a rough week. i really want to slow down a bit these few days. can i at least be given that little time and space?

hello drama. yadayadayada.

i cant seem to tell who should be cranky and moody and mourning at the moment but hell no, i want to recover well; regardless the ‘challenges’ that i have to overcome.

so maybe i’ll set some plan before Raya next week. basically i got like 7 days starting tomorrow and i certainly have to creatively make the list of the month; therapeutic in a way, bombastic to cheer me for Raya and simple most importantly.

i’ll have to work on the list soon. and btw, wish me speedy recovery and good luck!


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