maybe i took quite a lavish weekend last 2 days. maybe i was too pampered with my cosy bed at home. maybe the excitement sitting in front of the TV still lingers.

to be honest, i am crawling to get my stuff done today.

knowing that i might be away starting this Wednesday; i knew that i need to settle whatever important pending task before i can take my leave in peace. like seriously.

but the mind is flying in some place i couldnt explain. lost in its own world.

at first, i feel like buying a new handphone. ya weird.

then i wanted something else.

then another. then another.

i just cant keep up listing everything in a long neverending list. that is absurd to be honest. a list should contain things that you want; but it should has a limit or something.

this. none. and i wanted to stop this cranky feeling of mine, fast.

because something happened to me recently. and with me still gathering my own strengths to overcome this feeling; hopefully once all of these done properly i can bring myself to say this out to everyone who ask; without breaking down.

for now, all i need is time.

so, long time no see. but i guess only time can tell when we’ll meet again.



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