3rd Raya with lè Husband!

Assalamualaikum! As the clock shows, it's 22:31 now. 1 Syawal 1438H. 25 June 2017 Masihi. Just finished every daily routine that should be done and here i am. Writing. It's Raya! Oh gosh why am I having this lapsed joy of festive hype 🤣 I mean, well, i was caught up with something for the... Continue Reading →


too many to remember.

been through a lot lately. and i know i have so many things that i wish to write down. to remember. to reminisce. to remind me of what can or cannot be done; what to do or where to seek the solutions that i needed. i got so many things in mind, to be honest.... Continue Reading →


today. Monday. maybe i took quite a lavish weekend last 2 days. maybe i was too pampered with my cosy bed at home. maybe the excitement sitting in front of the TV still lingers. to be honest, i am crawling to get my stuff done today. knowing that i might be away starting this Wednesday;... Continue Reading →

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