a lot lately.

well well.

a lot is happening around in the office lately. some are good. but most recently? none of us would want to talk or dwell so much on that either. that’s how not-so-good it is.

and i came to think of this. what if all efforts done to excel in a task or to properly execute a task is then being compared to other team-mates? i mean, in a way; it could be comparative at so many levels. and what’s good to one person might not be good to the other person, right?

i hate being compared. or compared to. i have my flows too; which if it were to be me, i would’t like it though if my weaknesses are being displayed or blamed in front of everyone else. vulnerabilities. (that’s one of the reason why you just want to perform each and every time. don’t try to be vulnerable at all.)

1 min to 5.

time to sign off.

until then, i’ll keep this thinking inside my head; hopefully i won’t be too overthinking in the end.



hello blueberry!

that’s what it says in the BabyCentre apps.

when the pregnancy reaches week 7, the baby is about the size of a blueberry.

and i am still weighing the pros and cons of going to work this week. i think i might really need a week off or something. to recharge my mind, body, soul. mentally and physically reboot everything to get ready for this corporate world again.

because juggling between too many roles can be kinda exhaustive. and i feel so at the moment.

apart from the so many to do list i intend to do but can’t do much at the end of the day. i don’t want to pressure myself that way though.

because no matter how you wanted to be the best version of yourself; sometimes you have to give your body the right to take a deep breathe. to slow down at some point of time and to rejuvenate; then only you can be the best version of your own self.

if i am being push to excel each and every time without any stop, wonder how everything will be in the end when i got sore and tired and lifeless to say the least?

my goal now is to live a content life. if i can make others happy why can’t i let myself be in the first place, right? #YOLO

because i don’t want to have regrets. i don’t want myself to do things unreasonably. i don’t want my precious time to be wasted. and surely, i want the things i’ve done be something memorable. and sweet.

what is life if we only concentrate on bad and negative things, right?

lets chose to be positive, lets chose to be happy today!