a little off the edge.

Tuesday. 1st day of work after 3-day holiday.

gaji Day. should be happy and excited and overwhelmed.

but here i am perturbed by one thing.

pre-arrangement for a business trip to KK.

i’ve arranged everything, you named it. itinerary, emails, calling here and there, the bookings, reservation, inquiries, confirmation, exchange of details bla bla bla.

and all of a sudden i am stuck with this one thing. payment for accommodation. T_T

oh for duck sake. this is not even an international business trip and the way i am acting as though that one thing is so damn complicated. (yeah, it could be me overthinking everything. but it is complicated at the moment!)

you give me no complimentary special package for our first time choosing your hotel; your required 100% payment before the said event and i cant even make payments upon registration? how is this deal supposed to make a win-win situation for both of us? i mean, we are choosing your hotel for duck sake. you are basically the chosen one. why all this hassle, my point btw.

can we at least agree that payments will be made by the reps once they touch your land?

at least that’ll reduce my headache once and for all. i dont quite like this type of arrangement tbh. signing your letter of agreement that obviously stipulated all the cancellation damages and everything what makes you think we will stray away from the agreed bookings, aite?

i just want to make this easy for everyone. and me. T_T


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