kadang-kadang the thought hits me, u know. ya Allah. Kuatkan lah aku.


after a longgg weekend.

before i turned in to write, i usually go and check if there's any post in particular that came up on the search engine. it's funny to see what you have written back then, seriously. sometimes i write about random stuff. sometimes i write about stupid stuff. LOL. the reckless, immature, ungrateful, emotional me; unspoken.... Continue Reading →

the Girl.

i probably won't know for sure if you ever found out about this site. that i am actually talking about u, yes u. but if you already know and you are constantly checking up on me and searching on what my thoughts are on and about all these while; you're welcome to deep dive and... Continue Reading →

work work work!

Hello Monday! there's no particular reason to be unhappy, stressed out and grumpy on Monday! #positive so lets make today a great day!

Hello Sunday!

so ironically, wanted to spend today doing all my pending homework but end up forgetting to bring back my charger. now i'm left with only 33% of battery. i guess weekends are really just for relaxing and watching some tv. till then.

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